About Customers Matter

Customers Matter is a way for Sainsbury’s Bank to get real feedback from our customers to help shape the future of our business through feedback surveys, polls and occasionally, discussion forums.

The members of Customers Matter are really important to Sainsbury’s Bank and we love hearing what you think so we can continue to make Sainsbury’s Bank perfect for you.

We will invite you to take part in certain surveys based on what is most relevant to you. We don't believe in asking for feedback for the sake of asking for feedback, so if you have completed all available feedback surveys don't worry more will become available soon!


The homepage for Customers Matter contains the latest news and polls as well as telling you when new surveys are available


These are quick questions located on the homepage, as soon as you press submit you will see what the results are saying so far


This section lists all the feedback surveys that are currently available to you. Please feel free to answer as many as are available, we love hearing what you think


Occasionally you will be invited to take part in a forum or Net Chat (online focus group). More details will be provided depending on the exact requirements of the surveys.


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